FlashLink® NOW 4G/5G Real-Time In-Transit Logger

Model 22390

  • Next generation of global cellular communications real-time loggers with LCD using 4G/5G LTE with 2G backup
  • Monitors location, temperature and light
  • Proactively manage shipment location and conditions to reduce the risk of product loss due temperature excursions
  • FlashTrak Cloud Service platform offers different levels of access to optimize user experience and API integration into customer systems. FlashTrak receiver program allows shippers to customize access to alerts and shipment conditions
  • USB option to download PDF trip data should GSM network not be available
  • Light sensors alert you to unplanned security access which reduces and averts potential product theft during transportation
  • Air and Maritime tracking service options ensure access to different modes of integrated supply chain data
Applications: Real-time monitoring of local and export shipments, trip duration up to 60 days.

The FlashLink NOW 4G/5G is the first real-time in-transit logger to feature a large LCD screen, enabling users to view trip data stored in the device. This advanced logger uses the latest technology to monitor location, temperature, and light. Whether domestic or export, this device will enable shippers and receivers to locate cargo and estimate arrival. The light sensor alerts stakeholders to unauthorized cargo access, reducing the likelihood of theft during transport.

With an extended battery life, wider measurement range and larger memory capacity, the FlashLink NOW exceeds expectations. The device can be used to monitor temperature sensitive products with diverse parameters and offers the option to download a PDF of trip data when cellular signal is unavailable.

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