• FlashLink® BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Reusable Temperature Data Logger, Model 40900 Key Features:
    • Monitor temperature and location
    • Tracks route and conditions inside vehicles during delivery
    • Tracks conditions in storage, processing and packing facilities
    • Access data on mobile device up to ~100 feet / 30 meters away
    • Secure data is viewed with an Access Code or user permission only
    • No need to open doors and locate logger for downloading
    • Wirelessly transmits data to smart devices with app
    • Customize settings: ID/name, logging interval, high/low alarm limits
    • Email PDF and CSV reports from mobile device and web app
    • Data stored in a cloud-based application
    • Analyze information from any web enabled device to make cold chain management decisions
    Applications: Cold storage warehouses, distribution centers, greenhouses, poultry houses, pre-coolers, as well as laboratories, clean rooms, refrigerated vans, trucks and containers