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The FlashTrak Telematics Real-Time Mobile Solution provides the tools to monitor trucks 24/7 as they travel across the country. It offers the ability to monitor commodities with ambient temperature, GPS location, actual product temperature using DeltaTrak's unique Product Emulation feature, and keep up to date with specific alerts which can be determined by the user's needs. The data is uploaded to ColdTrak Data Central cloud-based service using either the cellular data network or WiFi, at which point the user has access from anywhere in the world.

In this solution, the shipper of the temperature sensitive products uses FlashTrak TM Data Loggers to record ambient air and/or actual product temperature, and uses ColdTrak Data Central to set parameters for alert notifications. The FlashTrak TM Data Loggers are mounted inside truck trailers and wirelessly communicate temperature measurements to a Mobile Control System (MCS) that is installed in the truck cab. The solution provides real-time monitoring of the products and notifies the user of temperature excursions by audio alarms, text messages, and emails. All of the data is automatically uploaded to ColdTrak Data Central, where it is analyzed and reports are generated.